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Fenix Pilot Plant

Fenix offers a wide range of turnkey solutions in the field of Chemical Distillation, Edible Oil Refining and Biodiesel. Achieving the most desired results from these turnkey processes is possible when the critical step of purification (or separation) of products and by-products by distillation is made the most efficient. In order to create more value to our customers and help them reduce the risk associated with construction of large process plants, we have setup our own distillation pilot plant to support and augment our process design capabilities.

We operate a fully-equipped computer controlled pilot plant to demonstrate how our distillation technology can simplify your operations and help you understand process methods that may be used in full scale plants.

Whether you need to pilot a new process or improve an existing one, we'll do whatever it takes to give you the competitive edge.

  Distillation Pilot Plant:  
  Major Components of the Distillation Pilot Plant:  

Spherical vessels 10 L with suitable neck arrangement.

MS flame proof heating bath with digital controller having copper coil and flame proof heater with insulation and cladding.
Magnetic reflux divider with timer with Non flameproof fittings.
Vacuum Pump two stage, Oil sealed high vacuum pump, ultimate vacuum 0.005 mmHg.
G I Supporting Tubular structure and C I flanges.
PTFE Gasket and PTFE bellows will be as requirement.
All contact parts are of Borosilicate 3.3 Glass and PTFE.
ISO 9001: 2000 certified.
Vacuum and Hydro test Units.

The baths are used to heat glass vessels indirectly either by electric power or by steam in chemical process and pharmaceutical industries. The baths are fabricated out of heavy gauge Mild steel and are fitted with copper coil for passing steam or cooling water. Suitable sealing arrangement is provided at the bottom. A height adjusted vessel support provides the seat for the flask. The temperature is controlled through a digital continuous temperature controller for better energy efficiency & to prevent accidents.

  Schematic Representation of our Pilot Plant of Distillation:  


The Pilot plant Run enables to achieve the results for desired mixture of different components.

Using Pilot Plant data it is possible to design for commercial level distillation columns.
Pilot plant runs will help to establish process parameters like temperature, pressure required for efficient separation of unknown components.



Vapor-liquid equilibrium data are the basic information of the system required for the design of equilibrium stages of vapor-liquid separation equipment like distillation. Equilibrium data represents the composition of the mixture in the vapor phase (y) and that in the corresponding equilibrium liquid phase (x) at equilibrium. The compositions are presented in mole fractions of the more volatile component. Equilibrium compositions are the functions of temperature and pressure. Therefore the data are reported under isothermal or isobaric conditions. However, isobaric data are required more often because industrial separations are carried out at constant pressure.


  • With this precision equipment, it is possible to establish vapor-liquid equilibrium (Txy) which is most important data for designing distillation system.
  • This data can be encorporated to Simulators like Aspen.
  • With this equipment, VLE data can be generated at wide range of pressure from 1 torr to 760 torr.
  Pilot plant at glance:  
  Fenix Analytical facility:  

Nucon Gas Chromatograph System: - Nucon Gas 5765 Model with following specification

  • Column Oven
    • Double walled SS oven with low thermal mass, high grade insulation, special blower to ensure gradient free temperature from ambient to 450 0C
    • Oven capacity more than 14 liters enough to accommodate more than two columns
    • Oven temperature programming from ambient to 450 0C in steps of 0.1 -29.9 0C
    • Oven cooling rate from 350 0C to 80 0C in less than 6 min
  • Pneumatic system
    • Digital mass flow controller (DFMC) pneumatic control for carrier gas
    • Special SS fixed flow restrictor for hydrogen and air supply to FID to ensure optimum performance
  • Injection ports
    • Injectors complete with heating blocks from temperature range from ambient to 450 0C
    • Split/spiltless injector with flow controller
  • Columns
    • Capillary column suitable for analysis of non-polar compounds
    • Packed column suitable for analysis of polar compounds
  • Flame ionization detector ((FID)
    • Dual FID with heating block from temperature range ambient to 450 0C
    • Special design to accommodate any GC column with almost no dead time
    • Minimum detection level : 1 ppm of methane
    • Linearity: More than107
    • Noise: Less than 10µV
  • Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
    • Four filament for high sensitivity
    • Inbuilt provision to connect columns in series within TCD as well with other detector to work independently
    • TCD current :0-300 mA
    • TCD temperature:0 – 450 0C
    • Polarity: Both +/-
    • Minimum detection level: 50 ppm of H2
  • Application Software
    • Real time collection and processing of data
    • Snap shot features during real time analysis of current channel
    • Direct conversion of data files to pdf and xls format
    • All features of standard integrating software for qualitative as well as quantitative analysis
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